Though Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, also known as WWE wrestler “Kane,” has had several wins in the wrestling ring, he proclaimed on Twitter Monday that accepting the WWE’s $100,000 donation to Knoxville Public Safety Foundation (KPSF) was his “proudest moment in a WWE ring.”
The KPSF is made up of law enforcement officers, paramedics and firefighters who “strive to provide assistance and support to safety professionals and their immediate family in the event of catastrophic injury, illness, death or other significant life-altering events,” according to the foundation’s website.
Grey Steed, Foundation Board President, was awestruck by the WWE’s generous donation.
“As a nonprofit, the struggle is always with fundraising,” he said. “This was a tremendous boost to our ability to help safety officials going forward.”
The KPSF was established in 2010, and Steed explained gaining popularity as a nonprofit is difficult.
The donation will help pay grants for safety officials who have been injured.
“People don’t realize that so many local officers are having to work a second job to make ends meet. When they’re injured and can’t work that second job, a lot of times, there are financial problems. That’s where we step in,” Steed said.
To donate to the KPSF, visit the foundation’s website at