For those familiar with the Seymour Speaks Out (SSO) Facebook page, it is clear that many Seymourians take to the page to rant about aggressive drivers on Chapman Highway or publicly announce that they will never be returning to a certain restaurant due to bad service.

However, Seymour resident Robert Miller has opted to use SSO in a more positive way: to allocate businesses and volunteers to extend a helping hand to local veterans.
Robert Miller, owner of the landscaping company Wolfpack Services, initially had no intention of using SSO as an outlet to find volunteers to help vets. In fact, the idea sprung from a humble contest winner on Miller’s Facebook page.
“Stacy Hunley [of Seymour Florist] inspired this event,” Miller said. “She won a contest hosted on our business page. Instead of accepting her prize, she asked that we use it to help someone in the community in need that could no longer perform the services that we provide. Naturally, we loved the idea and immediately began bouncing ideas around.”
As the contest took place around Memorial Day, Miller thought it seemed fitting to help a veteran, which brought about the event’s title, “Seymour Speaks Out for a Veteran.”
“We decided on an event centered around helping a veteran of our community. One of our thoughts was, ‘Veterans have served the American people through their military service for generations. For that we are eternally grateful. They served us in the military; it’s our turn to serve them in the community,’” he said.
After a few brainstorming sessions, the goal to help Seymour veterans has started to become a reality. Seven local businesses have teamed up to help with the cause, and the variety of businesses also leads to a diverse selection of services. For instance, Miller’s own company, Wolfpack Services, will offer pressure washing, mowing, trimming and removal of debris from yards. Seymour Florist will provide fresh mulch for flower beds as well as creating a “surprise” custom flower bed. One Stop Auto Shop will provide free oil and filter changes and A.C. services; Mountain Way Motor Sports will offer an interior detail; Sunshine Cleaning Service will clean the interior of a house. Mama’s Kountry Kitchen will be feeding the volunteers from these businesses.
“The community of Seymour has been amazing to each and every one of us. Community events that bring neighbors together to help each other are at the very heart of what makes an area such as Seymour as special as it is,” Miller said. “We have all been blessed with the opportunity to serve in this community. Incorporating other businesses will allow us to provide more help for this person or family. It also allows us the chance to thank the community of Seymour for their continued support.”
Using SSO has allowed Miller to find more volunteers to help with the tasks.
“If you want to help but cannot volunteer physically, we will need supplies to perform these task as the businesses will be providing the labor and supplies at no cost to the individual,” he said. Miller even suggested other Seymourians to use SSO to spread the word. “Word of mouth via social media is always a welcoming avenue for involvement.”
Though the various projects are still in the works and Miller is still finding more businesses willing to help, Miller hopes to have a day filled with metaphorical, labor-filled “thank yous” on June 29 from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Miller also hopes to continue this event throughout the course of the year.
For more information about how to get involved with Seymour Speaks Out for a Veteran, contact either Robert Miller at 214-7214 or Stacy Hunley at 223-7700.