The Seymour Seed Library will participate in National Seed Swap Day on Saturday, January 26 at the community room of Seymour Branch Library, located at 137 W. Macon Ln. between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Those interested may bring saved seeds to share, or attendees may acquire free seeds to grow in his or her personal garden this year.
National Seed Swap Day encourages people to plant gardens and to try growing different vegetables and flowers. Some seeds will be heirlooms, which are the traditional old time varieties. These are “open pollinated” rather than hybrids. These seeds will “come true,” meaning they will produce a crop that is the same as the generation before. Some seeds may be hybrids, such as the common varieties of tomatoes, like “Big Boy.” These seeds are not genetically modified, rather they are produced by manually pollinating plants to make crosses with desirable characteristics such as large size. No GMO seeds will be included in the seed swap.
In addition to donations from local gardeners, Mayo Seeds, Baker Seed Company and Seed Savers Exchange donated a generous assortment of seeds for the swap.
Beyond the seed swap, seed packets for different vegetables and flowers are also found in two binders at Seymour Branch Library. Those interested may check out seeds from these binders at the circulation desk.
For more information about the Seymour Seed Swap, contact the Seymour Branch Library at 573-0728.