Elizabeth Torres wings conservation with one of her many pets for sale. (The Herald/Joe King)

For any business owner knowledge of the market and potential competition is a much sought after asset.

It is through an examination of the Seymour retail market that Elizabeth Torres decided to locate her pet shop in the community.

“I did some studies and found out there wasn’t any pet shops in Seymour besides Pet Supplies Plus,” she said. “It is a good market and the people here are nice.”

After finding a location, Torres opened Sea More Pets at 10520 Chapman Highway.

Torres, who lives in Knoxville, said her shop used to be located in South Knoxville, but she moved the location to Seymour because she enjoys the area and looks forward to helping the community.

“I like to do stuff with the schools,” she said. “I have given goldfish for fundraising events.”

Although Torres, whose shop has only been open since May 18, hasn’t had the opportunity to help out the Seymour schools yet, she said she is looking forward to working with them.

“I’d love to do something with any of the Seymour schools,” Torres said.” The school year is almost over so I might have to wait until the new school year begins.”

As sole owner and operator of Sea More Pets, Torres has vast array of pets and pet supplies for sale.

Currently pets include assorted species of birds, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, a variety of fish, and occasionally dogs.

Sea More Pets owner Elizabeth Torres looks over the shop’s wide variety of fish. (The Herald/Joe King)

“I’m really drawn to fish. I love the coloration and watching them swim around,” Torres explained. “I grew up in Puerto Rico and fishing was our bread and butter. Fish have been an interest since I was a little girl.”

In addition to being trilingual, Torres is also a stock house of pet knowledge.

“I sell all natural pet food here,” she said. “A lot of times people will bring in a dog that is itching and doesn’t have fleas. This is usually because of their diet. Dogs are carnivorous and they are not meant to eat corn, so when they are fed food made from corn it will affect them.”

To help spread her knowledge of all things pets related, Torres said she will be giving free pet care classes to residents.

“It works better if people can see how to take care of their pets with a hands-on demonstration,” she Torres.

Although she hasn’t set a date for the first of these classes, Torres said anybody can come to the store during operating hours to learn about pet care.

As an introduction of Sea More Pets into the community Torres said she gave out free goldfish to anybody who stopped by last Friday or Saturday.

“The important thing is to let people know where I am in case they need anything,” she said.

For more information call Sea More Pets at 865-773-0425. The stores hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.