Due to the inclement weather on Tuesday, Mobile Meals lost several of its usual volunteers that help deliver hot, nutritious meals to over 900 homebound seniors in Knox County.
“We have about a hundred volunteers daily out delivering for us as a rule,” Shelly Woodrick, Mobile Meals volunteer coordinator said. “When weather like this hits, it’s a bit difficult.”
According to Woodrick, 925 seniors receive meals Monday- Friday every week.
Though Mobile Meals was lacking volunteers due to the icy roads, Mayor Glenn Jacobs worked with the foundation to help deliver meals.
“We certainly appreciate his support today and always,” Woodrick said. “He actually delivers around once a month with us, and this is not his normal monthly day, but he checked in because he knew we needed help. It’s very impressive that this is so top of mind with him.”
According to Mobile Meals’ facts and figures for fall 2018, “100 volunteers a day travel 1,500 miles across all of Knox County on 68 routes.” Men make up 33% of Mobile Meals’ clientele while women make up 67%. People aged 75-84 make up 32% of who Mobile Meals serves.
Mobile Meals not only serves food on snow days, but the foundation provides holiday support as well, meaning meals are delivered on both Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Mobile Meals also provides home assessments and daily safety checks for their clients.
To volunteer with Mobile Meals, contact Shelly Woodrick at 524-2786.