Reports of a vehicle stolen with a 10-year-old child inside were released Saturday around 11:26 a.m., but as it turns out, no child or vehicle was actually stolen after all.
The initial report from the Knoxville Police Department stated that a 2018 Gray Subaru Forester (TN tag 5L3-7A3) was stolen from the Walmart on Chapman Highway on Saturday just before noon. Reports show that a 10-year-old female with blonde hair and a gray space shirt was inside the car when it was stolen. The suspect was described as a white male.
Less than an hour later, the KPD announced that the vehicle and child had been located, and the child was safe. The KPD advised South Knoxville residents to discontinue the search for the alleged victim.
An updated report explained that upon KPD’s arrival, a complainant reported that her 2018 Subaru Forester was stolen along with her child. A witness on the scene stated they saw a male enter the vehicle and drive off with the child screaming. During the investigation it was revealed that the complainant had actually left the Walmart and parked her car at another nearby store and forgot she had moved it, and the statement from the witness was inaccurate. Reports show that the car and child were located by officers and the child was fine.
“Thank you to our media partners and all of our social media followers for helping us spread the information very quickly. We are extremely relieved that this was just a miscommunication and not an actual kidnapping,” Sergeant Samuel B. Henard said from the KPD said. “Thank you also to Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Knoxville FBI for their assistance as well.”