“There’s something enchanting about a house that has seen the world go by for literally over a hundred years,” Colleen Brackins said. Brackins, a Seymour resident who had driven by the Ivey House “countless times,” had always been drawn to the house’s elegant, timeless beauty.
“When we saw that it was up for auction, we just knew that we had to try to purchase it,” Brackins said.
Brackins has planned and coordinated weddings for the past five years through her own business, At Last Weddings & Events. Brackins had always dreamed of having her own venue to host weddings and other special events, but she hadn’t had any luck finding the perfect venue– until now.
“We had looked at various houses & properties over the years, but for one reason or another, none of them worked out – for good reason. God was preparing us for the Ivey House,” Brackins said.
The Ivey House, which was built in the Victorian Era, was purchased in the 1930s by the Riggs/Ivey family, who lived at the house until 2018, according to Brackins. To honor the Riggs/Ivey family, Brackins fittingly coined the relic of a home “The Ivey House” to honor the family that had spent their lives there prior.
Beyond the house’s Victorian-style decorative trim, black and white color contrast and its rolling hills of land, its location has proven to be another advantage.
“Seymour is an extremely centrally located area. You can literally be in Knoxville, Sevierville or Maryville in 20-30 minutes from Seymour,” Brackins said. “This is very convenient for those planning a wedding or event with guests coming from all over. And, Seymour is beautiful. Those who just drive through Seymour to get from Sevierville to Knoxville may not realize just how pretty this area is.”
The Ivey House will also be first of its kind in the Seymour area as it can be an accommodating event space.
“For those who live in Seymour, there are not many options for event & meeting spaces so we also knew that this would meet a need in the community. Our goal is to see The Ivey House used for not only weddings but fundraisers, community events, showers, family reunions, etc. It’s a unique place to host an event because it’s like a little step back in time, and instead of just a place to have an event, it’s an experience that will hopefully be remembered,” Brackins said.
The Ivey House can accommodate approximately 200 people in its outside tent area. For smaller events, 40 can be accommodated inside the house with additional seating on the house’s deck.
Brackins is offering a special deal for those who book an event by May 31: anyone who books an event by May 31 will get up to 50% off regular pricing. Their event can be held at any time any the future. Brackins also holds a special rate for non-profits that are interested in booking the space.
Brackins hopes to open the Ivey House by this summer, but the first official event to take place at the Ivey House is in October.
For more information about booking the Ivey House for a special event or wedding, contact Colleen Brackins at 548-9841.